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Atlas Čechů: How to Use

Who’s voting for Babiš, who rides a motorcycle, and who prefers Turkish-style coffee made with Jihlavanka brand to  an espresso?

You can find out with just a few clicks in Atlas Čechů, which has recently been opened to the public. This is our website, and it contains thousands of informational items about the Czech population.

Browse through your fellow Czechs in the Atlas

It’s easy to work with, there’s no login required, and it’s free. Plus, it’s up to you what you click on in the search bar.

On this interactive website you will find a list of every group divided into categories (opinions, free time activities, media followed, etc.), which you can then combine together in various ways. Maybe by age, gender, or even something more creative. For instance, you could search for grandmothers who enjoy listening to hip-hop. Or motorcyclists who knit and sew. There are no limits to your curiosity.

The data is the result of a large online lifestyle survey, which is regularly updated by over 20,000 recruits from their field research as well as many online channels. In addition, we are gradually planning on adding other groups. For instance, we would like to know how Czechs perceive ecological topics and climate change as soon as possible. We will continuously add the results of these current surveys to the Atlas until even life’s biggest questions have been answered.

We launched Atlas Čechů in its limited state in 2019. 150 groups were made freely available for several months (today there are now four times as many groups available), and the following topics stuck out according to an analysis of the sites number of visits.

"Hello, people." Who is voting for Babiš?

19% of people voted for the ANO 2011 movement in the last elections for parliament.

The voters tend to be older (45-64) and more of them are pensioners than in the general population. Most often they have graduated from high school. 

They aren’t very decided, however, they do agree on euthanasia (they’re for it), having cameras on the streets, and foreigner integration (foreigners should completely adapt to our customs).

Many of them watch TV, and get most of their news there.


The division of 1989

13% of people think they were better off before 1989. 

Many of these people are between the ages of 45-64. Few of them are high school or university graduates.

They do not own property. They live paycheck to paycheck. They are often unemployed (or in retirement) and they have a hard time finding work; their field is manual professions: production and operations.

They most often vote for Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) or not at all. They avoid the Pirate Party and Civic Democratic Party (ODS).

Entrepreneurs and self-employed people

11% of Czechs work with a trade license or own their own company.

They find work easily and they are satisfied – both with their work and their lives. They enjoy challenges and aren’t afraid of stress.

According to them, life is good in the Czech Republic; they feel safe here. They travel and many of them have even lived in foreign countries. 

They most often vote for the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and the Pirate Party.


When you want to know your customers (or those of your competition) in detail

Everything is related to everything. This fact is quite evident when looking at how we choose something as everyday as caffeine consumption. People who only buy quality Brazilian, fair-trade coffee tend to differ from those who prefer adding ground Jihlavanka-brand Turkish coffee to hot water.

People unsatisfied with their lives. They don’t partake in a healthy lifestyle and don’t play sports. However, they do watch TV every day.

And what
about Illy?

Predominately women who enjoy going to shopping centres and cafes. They are satisfied, they travel, and they speak English.


People involved in online discussions every day. Few of them voted during the elections.

When you’re interested in making your customers happy, or you’re looking to sway “coffee people” away from your competition, you need as much detailed information as possible. Thanks to just a few lines of information, it becomes clear that the “it smells nice” TV ad for Jihlavanka was a hit, yet it’s more effective to attract Illy customers with events at shopping centres, and you should advertise to Nescafé fans online. You will find thousands of similar connections in the Atlas and you can filter and combine them yourself, just like with those motorbikes/knitters and hip-hop-loving grandmothers.

Vojta speaks on this topic in detail on Breakfast Online:

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We would also be happy to measure your brand, we can then record this new data about your brand within the context of what Atlas Čechů knows about our population. Thus, you will receive a perfect overview of who your customers are, what their habits, opinions, and hobbies are, who they vote for, what they watch, and where they shop… Simply put, we know everything about Czechs. And you can too. 

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