Customer satisfaction up to the the final detail

We tested whether people prefer service credibility and personnel competence, responsive clientele service, or an innovative approach and online communication.
Thanks to our research, E.ON knows now what is key for its clients. Therefore, it can focus on the truly important things, instead of dealing with the details, which were only appreciated by a fraction of people.

The right symbols strengthen a brand

We wanted to understand why a campaign for McDonald’s had less of an impact on sales than expected. The ad poster worked well, but the video on TV did not. The ad spot was modern and original, but it did not contain the necessary information. Most people actually thought in was a clothing brand ad. We found a way to fix the video, so that viewers linked it to the correct brand.

Even a small detail can significantly improve a video

Success often lies in the details. With the help of our emotion – change timeline throughout the video, we were able to help adjust specific scenes for the McDonald’s Cup commertial. For example, a visually well done moment at 17th second was, according to viewers, ruined by the overly theatrical voice-over. And it made an easy fix in the cutting room. Now, this improved video works much better for its target group!

We show to whom and how to talk

How many people would realistically use the new Driveto Klub service – improved operative leasing with the option to return your vehicle at any time? We found them and described them in detail in Atlas Čechů. Thanks to our research, the Driveto Team was able to find an effective method for creating a campaign, while also learning which media channels they could use for communications.

We fine-tune ŠKODA products to perfection

We find out what precisely is important for users, what is easy for them to use, as well as what does not work for them. And this applies for the vehicle itself, the process of selecting it and also the interconnected app. Based on our research, ŠKODA AUTO can then fine-tune its solutions to achieve the highest possible level of satisfaction for the greatest number of people.

Brand audit for a tea manufacturer

We examined how this English tea brand was doing overall and who its customers are. We discovered that more than half of Czechs know and like this brand. Ahmad is a brand of educated people from large cities. Our client also received materials from us to help them in their decision of which associations should they continue to build on.

Caffeine is a crowd-pleaser

Big Shock wanted to verify if it sells more cans when various advantages of the drink are included on the wrapping. Our research showed that even if price was still the key to making a sale, information regarding ingredients can help too. Specifically, the increased dosage of caffeine draws in customers, meaning Shock can invest further in this area.

Praguers like their iced coffee. Increasingly.

The iced coffee brand, Mr. Brown, wanted to learn more about its customers. We discovered that their coffee was particularly popular among active Prague locals with higher incomes and expenses. A detailed description of their attitudes and overview of the media they follow helped our client adjust their communication to perfectly fit their customers’ needs.

65% of dog owners pick their dog’s food based on the ingredients

We discovered what plays the key role when purchasing pet food through an e-shop. We tested brands, prices and another 8 parameters. The ingredients in the dog food that lead to healthier digestion proved to be key, and this goes for 65% of dog owners when making a purchase.

Testing beforehand pays off

We helped Adriana decide between two brand approaches. We chose the concept that went with top-of-the-line, quality ingredients and haute cuisine. Then, with our recommendation, the client filmed a successful series of ads under the tagline With a love for flavour (S láskou k chuti).

We helped Finlandia find new brand symbols

We tested which symbols strengthen the Finlandia brand. Traditional Scandinavia proved to be easy to understand and attribute, however, it does not affect people’s positive emotions. Based on our research, we discovered different, much more unique symbols, that evoke stronger emotions and have the potential to improve brand awareness.

2x smaller average loss in hazard

Before the 2017 parliamentary election, we created a Voter map. Instead of the unreliable question “Who would you vote for”, we gave people the ballots and monitored which were thrown away and which were not. The results differed from other polls significantly: for instance, according to our data, the expected victory of ČSSD over SPD was impossible. Our colleague Káťa betted to the bold course 4:1. Now, she regrets she did not bet more.

We helped increase awareness of the Twisto brand by 67 %

We helped Twist and the Symbio agency with rebranding and subsequent campaign. We analyzed the target groups, tested concepts and measured the campaign effects. The campaign was controversial, and the TV Council forbid its broadcasting, but it was tailored perfectly to the target group.

How we betted according to our pre-election polls

Before the 2017 parliamentary election, we created a Voter map. Instead of the unreliable question “Who would you vote for”, we gave people the ballots and monitored which were thrown away and which were not. The results differed from other polls significantly: for instance, according to our data, the expected victory of ČSSD over SPD was impossible. Our colleague Káťa betted to the bold course 4:1. Now, she regrets she did not bet more.

The Czechs know much more about migrants, than they admit

We had 500 people fill in a knowledge quiz about migrants. We told half of them in advance they will get CZK 5.00 for every correct answer, the others got nothing. Those who were supposed to get money for the correct answers had more correct answers than the others.


How can you make more if you do not want to sell to everyone

Based on detailed segmentation and market modelling, we found out that Jablotron will benefit significantly from approaching security systems as a more expensive, closed product without the options of adjustment. Big group of DIYs that will be therefore left out, preferred cheaper, non-brand solution anyway.


3x higher price of tea with correctly selected present

While testing Christmas packages of Ahmad Tea, we found out that the type of present plays a significant role in purchasing, even more significant than the tea brand itself. From wide range of presents, we selected those for which people are willing to pay the most while purchasing a gift package. Differences amounted to hundreds of CZK.


How to conveniently set a limited edition

While testing limited retro edition of the Krušovice beer, we discovered an option which people were willing to purchase for 42 % more than the classic 12° beer. Moreover, the sales of 12° beer did not decrease.


The newest samples of our work

We want to share all ouf our research with you. Find out more on our Blog & Media page.

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