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What can we help you with?

Understand true customer motivations

Which emotional needs drive decisions? Identify most promising customer segments.

What makes your brand strong? What works for your competition? Find the right symbols to build your brand.

Pretest you campaigns and multiply their impact. Dozens of our clients repeatedly have.

What else can we do?

Entering a new market

We figure out how much potential your product will have on the market.

Target groups

Depending on your needs, we determine the ideal target group for your product and its size.

Customer needs

We discover the needs of your customers and how they make decisions.

Customer lifestyle

We already know hundreds of things about your (potential) customers. We can then measure the rest in less than 3 days.

Customer segmentation

We create personas dependent on how people differ in their decision-making and needs.

Media goals

We know what media and programs your target group follows.

Ideal product pricing

We figure out how much your product should cost in order to bring in the most gain.

New product testing

We verify whether your idea or prepared product has a chance at success on the market.

Product settings

Which functionality or benefit is key for your product to sell the most?

Best possible innovation

From hundreds of ideas we choose the one with the greatest business potential.

Sales and discounts

How big should a discount be? How best should you frame a sales event?

Insights into trends

You receive a head start in the trends of a new client thanks to our customer insights.

Brand concept testing

Which concept has the greatest potential? Which new symbols will work for you?

Brand audit

Which symbols strengthen your brand? How should you continue to work with them?

Strength of the competition

What strengthens your competition. Where are their weaknesses?

Video testing

How did people’s emotions develop over the course of the video? What did people cling to? How can it be made better?

Creativity testing

We figure out which concept has the greatest potential to strengthen your brand.

Campaign effectiveness

We find out if your campaign strengthened your brand, and how it could be adjusted to be even more effective.

HR brand

Everything we’re capable of doing with brands, we can do for your brand as an employer. 

Employee motivation

Which factors (including subconscious factors) have the biggest impact on the happiness and performance of your employees?

Pulse Surveys

Employees from all over the world continuously receive questionnaires in our app Minute.

Trainings and workshops

Everything we’re capable of doing with brands, we can do for your brand as an employer. 

We speak data

A weekend workshop where you will learn to tell a story with data.

Employee satisfaction

People complain about lots of things. Of those complaints, however, which truly play a role in their decision-making?

Participatory residents

We collect ideas from your employees and and let them choose together the ones they like best.

Resident satisfaction

We map the satisfaction and needs of the representative sample of your residents.

Policy & Nudging

We test and improve public measures well before they are implemented.

Fast and reliable professionals. They were always able to push us forward.

Iryna Kasumava

Jaroslav Malina

Chief Digital Officer

It’s great to see behavioral science applied so practically when building a brand and improving a campaign.

Behavio does great research work, plus they offer truly favourable prices, because they are able to automate routine operations.

Tomáš Hrivnák

What can I help you with?

Contact me at +420 604 287 600 or marek.nebesar@behaviolabs.com.

Marek Nebesář, Sales and Operations Director v Behaviu

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