Campaign testing

Do not assume.
Test everything.

We will improve your communication from first concepts to the video editing. You will sell more and your gains will multiply.

Minutes for better work

A fun way to have motivated employees

Minute survey system that will take you step by step to more efficient company consisting of excited people.

Market analysis

We have high-quality, 360° data about your customers

We will describe the preferences of your target groups in full detail and add hundreds of data about their lives.


What to do to make people choose you intuitively?

We know how to measure what affects subconscious choices between the brands in your market. You will see a way to win.



Market analysis

Decision-making process, needs, preferences, segmentation, persons…

Brand audit

We will find associations that will strengthen your brand the most.

Campaign testing

Testing of concepts, emotional curve of videos, campaign efficiency measuring…

Satisfaction survey

We will find out how satisfied your customers are very quickly, in a fun way.

Product testing

Innovation competitions, UX testing, product setting, price tests…


Minutes for better work

Minute surveys system that will lead you step by step to a more efficient company full of excited employees.

HR brand audit

We will find symbols and associations that will best attract your future employees.

HR campaign testing

Testing of concepts, emotional curve of videos, campaign efficiency testing…


Surveys of needs

Mapping satisfaction, needs and preferences of citizens and city inhabitants.

Participative budget

Gathering and prioritizing ideas in a fun and simple form.

Policy testing

For public institutions, we test measures and measure their impact on citizens.

Other projects

Training and cards that will help you apply behavioral science easily.

Find information about your target groups. Media, lifestyle, housing…

Detailed information about voter groups before the 2017 parliamentary election.