He who is most accurate with the current needs of the customer is victorious.

Cosmetics are made in factories, but people are purchasing hope in drugstores. Do you know what people want in your field?

How can Behavio help you?

Needs and opportunities

What specific needs do people have in connection with your product? Do they change depending on the purchasing situation? How strong are they?


How large are your individual target groups? Who is not well accounted for by the competition? Where is the largest potential for further growth?


On Atlas of Czechs we have over 600 figures regarding the lifestyle of your target groups. Plus, we would be glad to measuring anything else for you.

Example: In which areas can Red Bull grow?

Red Bull is one of the most recognized brands. How then can it be that Atlas Čechů shows that only 9% of Czechs purchase this beverage? Red Bull is the example of how excellent marketing can run into a limited-sized target group. There is almost no room left for Red Bull to grow in its purchasing situations (ex. parties, various sports, music events). This is why we are helping Red Bull find new, larger opportunities. Where are these opportunities and how can Red Bull make the best breakthrough possible? Take a look at our approach.

Who's next? People at work, or people at parties?

We took a look at many opportunities for development. For example, we looked into people who need energy at work or when playing computer games. How many of them are there? How are they currently dealing with this issue? It turns out there are relatively few gamers who play long enough to need an energy drink. Plus, this opportunity is already well covered by other energy drink brands. On the contrary, there are quite a few people who need to replenish their energy and improve their concentration at work. Yet, this area continues to be dominated by general coffee options than by any specific brand.

He who covers his customers' key emotional needs is victorious

How could Red Bull succeed in the energy replenishment market in the workplace? Similar as it has done before. How is it possible that so many tired drivers at the gas station prefer to reach for a Red Bull rather than any other drink option with the same amount of active ingredients at half the price? The reason is that the driver’s mind is not only trying to solve practical needs, such as improving focus. Rather it has an array of other emotional needs about which the driver is not actively thinking. For instance, the driver wants to feel like the fearless hero while driving their lorry. And it’s specifically this need that helps them feel satisfied with a Red Bull. Their brain is subconsciously replaying images of intrepid acrobatic pilots, cyclists and, in particular, Formula 1 races. 

Today, everything is completely different when it comes to tired people at work; these same symbols of acrobatics and extreme sport aren’t working. Thus, many people don’t even think of Red Bull when searching for a solution to their tiredness. Here, Red Bull is forced to build new symbols that arise from the emotional needs which are tied with work. And what exactly are those needs?


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The Holy Grail: find an unsatisfied need

We went through many possible emotional needs tied with the workplace, such as success, entertainment, freedom… Each time our research came back with the same results: these needs were already met and tied with other products and brands on the market. We also took a look at which emotional needs people currently have the most connected to Red Bull. Here we found the key: a need yet to be satisfied. This need also just happened to be naturally tied to the Red Bull brand, all it would take is for them to build distinct symbols here, just like they did in the field of sports.

By finding unsatisfied needs, such as with Red Bull, you gain an enormous competitive advantage for drawing in customers. Let’s recall an example from Czech politics: while the right and left pushed for product characteristics, such as what the VAT rate would be, the ANO movement refrained from dwelling on such details at all, instead choosing to focus on any unmet emotional needs: the need to focus on human, intelligible language. However, if someone new wants to defeat ANO today, speaking simply and humanly will not suffice. This attribute is already linked to the ANO movement.

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How can you make more if you do not want to sell to everyone

Based on detailed segmentation and market modelling, we found out that Jablotron will benefit significantly from approaching security systems as a more expensive, closed product without the options of adjustment. Big group of DIYs that will be therefore left out, preferred cheaper, non-brand solution anyway.

We show you how best to communicate and to whom

We discovered how many people would realistically use the new Driveto Klub service – improved operative leasing with the option to return your vehicle at any time, according to your needs. We then described these people in detail in Atlas Čechů. Thanks to our research, the Driveto Team was able to find an effective method for creating a campaign, while also learning which media channels they could use for communications.

65% of dog owners make purchases according to the ingredients in their dog’s food

We discovered what plays the key role when purchasing pet food through an e-shop. We tested brands, prices and another 8 parameters. The ingredients in the dog food that lead to healthier digestion proved to be key, and this goes for 65% of dog owners when making a purchase.


Fast and reliable professionals. They were always able to push us forward.

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It’s great to see behavioural science applied so practically when building a brand and improving a campaign.

Behavio does great research work, plus they offer truly favourable prices, because they are able to automate routine operations.

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