95 % of decisions are subconscious

We are a research agency specialising in subconscious thought.

Understand true customer motivations

Which emotional needs drive decisions? Identify most promising customer segments.

What makes your brand strong? What works for your competition? Find the right symbols to build your brand.

Pretest you campaigns and multiply their impact. Dozens of our clients repeatedly have.

Our satisfied customers

Why choose Behavio?

Test your quick and slow thought processes and understand our methods.

We get to the heart of the matter, and know how to move things forward.

We consult with global capacities such as Dan Ariely.

With all this in mind, we can help you make better decisions, such as: Making a simple change to your packaging design, resulting in you selling more product and at a higher price. Avoiding certain actors when filming an ad spot. Even helping you speak about the EU, so that people truly understand what advantages membership brings.