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We are sociologists, psychologists and

We develop methods that capture subconscious motivations. How and why exactly do we do this?

Task, Don't Ask!

Each person makes 300 to 600 decisions per day. If we were to make each and every one with conscious deliberation, or by “slow thinking”, coined by Daniel Kahneman, we would never get anything done and we would use up all our energy.

The only issue is… 95% of human decisions play out in the older evolutionary parts of the brain, something we actually have in common with lizards. How then can you ask people something in a questionnaire about themselves that they do not even know exists? How can you examine decision-making?


Our long-term motor is one large challenge, which we call ‘de-bubble-ization’, i.e. the popping of artificially created social bubbles. How can we learn to communicate with others and proceed in spite of our differences? How can we outwit our factory settings that inadvertently force us to divide groups into our people and everyone else

We hold in our hands a powerful psychological weapon, and we do not give it to anyone who operates in human misfortune, fear or hate. We do not work with cynical people.

Something clicked right from the start

Libor, Vojta, Lukáš, Marek and Jirka met during their first year at grammar school in South Bohemia. Their class featured a surprisingly high concentration of nerds/troublemakers.

The teachers learned to live with it, as long as we helped the school win poetry recitals, volleyball tournaments and school subject Olympics (especially in chemistry, which was important to the school principal). If we were successful, they would pay a blind eye to our chronic mental absence, disciplinary shortcomings and ignorance of most selected topics. Several semesters saw us receiving praise from the principal while being reprimanded at the same time…

The company Behavio Labs s.r.o. is implementing the project Innovation of the marketing research process through advanced automation and development of innovative products of the company Behavio Labs s.r.o., reg. no. FX05030067_7841, the aim of which is to innovate the existing Ad testing and Brand tracking product and to innovate testing procedures in general.

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