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Don’t rely on survey declarations. Use modern behavioral methods.

Learn how you can leverage subconscious behavioral methods to predict and demonstrate your brand marketing effectiveness.

What people say is not
what people do.

95% of human decisions are subconscious and we can’t correctly tell our motivators and predict our own behaviour.

Legacy market research only tells you what people say.

Behavio tells you what people do.

We map the changes in subconscious memory connections that predict buying behaviour.

Predict the ROI of your 
creatives with ad testing

Upload creatives and learn how effective they are – based on the emotional response, brand recall and implicit linkages to consumer needs and Category Entry Points.

Ad testing platform

Demonstrate your marketing ROI with brand tracking

Predict your growth months before the brand growth transcribes into sales. Use modern brand metrics like brand salience, mental market share, and implicit brand associations.

Behavio runs on advanced behavioral science



Association Test

Based on neuroscience research, this method uncovers subconscious associations to your brand.


Mental Availability

To grow, brand must be spontaneously coming to mind of the buyers. We cover this by multiple metrics.


respondent samples

We survey national populations around the globe and let you filter diverse audiences within it.


Randomized control
trials (RCT)

Each creative is tested using
a unique 500+ respondent sample to deliver accurate and valuable insights.



Based on recent marketing science, we analyze all 3 key ingredients of an effective advertising in great detail.


Low cognitive

Super short, mobile-first, visual surveys with superior user experience and high intrinsic motivation.

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