Brad Pitt x De’Longhi: A Match Made In Coffee Heaven?

Brands often cast celebrities in their campaigns. But is all this star power always worth it?

In this FREE campaign analysis below, you will find out:

  • When people see Brad Pitt, does De’Longhi come to mind?
  • Do people perceive Brad Pitt positively?
  • Did he help with the recollection of the desired needs?
  • Did the campaign strengthen the brand salience?
  • And ultimately – do people think of De’Longhi more often when they want to buy an automated coffee machine?

De’Longhi, the coffee machine brand, tried this strategy with Brad Pitt. It makes sense at first. It is often said that – much like sex – celebrity sells. People like to identify with famous people and buy the products they promote. But is this always true? Should brands beware of taking the star route?

The Campaign

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The Results

The campaign presents the De’Longhi brand poorly. Very few people recognise it.

The brand has relied on a well-known actor, who does not yet work as a symbol. This is the first time he has been associated with the brand and people often confuse him with actor George Clooney, who was the brand ambassador for rival brand Nespresso.

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