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Johnnie Walker: Keep Walking Anthem

People really like the ad. But weak branding reduces its impact.

The audience is attracted soon after the start of the ad and the viewers’ emotions and attention peak multiple times throughout the video.

People love the ad because of the music, vibe and atmosphere of the video.  

Unfortunately, people don’t recognize the product category nor the brand during the ad. Due to this, the impact on brand salience is poor. 


TV commercial


respondents, representative of American online population

Tested between March 1 and 2 2023.

Recommended Improvements

  1. Keep up the exceptional emotional response.
  2. Don’t hesitate to bring your brand assets into the story more explicitly.
  3. Focus on better communication of ad’s key message(s).

Results were available in under 5 days. For a complete summary, check out the full report below. Downloadable slides included.

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