We are fascinated by human decision making

Long time ago …

…when people still thought they are very rational, esteemed professors came up with a questionnaire*. Later, it became clear that 95% of our decisions is emotional and subconscious. They happen in developmentally older parts of the brain, some of which we share with lizards!

In Behavio, we are coming up with ways to study our lizard brains. We do not rely on what people claim about themselves. We study associations, emotions, quick choices and we do all that in a fun and entertaining way.

We help companies, institutions and individuals better understand human decision-making. But not all of them. We have very powerful psychological weapons in our hands and we never give them to those who market human misfortune.

Do you think you would fit with us and could move us further? Send us some information to chcido@behaviolabs.com.


Survey is a way to exhaust you completely by deciphering complicated instructions and coming up with answers to things you do not know.

Professor Boretodeath

Data gathering standards

We conduct the surveys in the Czech Republic on our Trendaro.cz panel,
where we follow verified sociological rules for high-quality data gathering:

  • we verify the identity of all respondents by phone
  • during registration, e-mail addresses are checked
  • in surveys, we use advanced randomization (rotation or selection of questions, answers, parts of the survey)
  • we use advanced filters in the surveys (filter questions as part of one or group of surveys, inner logic of the answer)
  • we measure the time of reply, allowing us to validate the data retrospectively (ruling out “clickers”)
  • we check consistency of answers from the survey, verifying it with other surveys
  • we also check the existence of the bank account numbers

Behavio in media

Why are only 13% of Czechs enthusiastic about their job? How can any company change this? Lukáš talked in DVTV about our research mapping the motivation of Czechs in their work. More…
How do the Czechs feel about the EU? We joined forces with STEM and EUROPEUM to find out. We were interested predominantly in emotions that better reflect actual opinions. More…
We paid half of the respondents for correct answers, while the other half did not get anything, asking both of them about what they know about the migrant crisis. Just CZK 5.00 made a huge difference. More…
We measured how much Czech society enjoys the Easter habits: whipping, baking Easter cross buns, or sweet lambs, or water pouring. For instance, whipping is enjoyed by less than a third of women. More…
Babiš on poster is success guaranteed, SPD is a lovebrand for its voters, said Vojta in DVTV, where he introduced our research of election posters of individual parties. More…
Before the parliamentary election, we prepared the Voter map, an interactive website showing how the voters behave. The project was also supported by people themselves, because we raised CZK 400 000 on HitHit. More…

We have great partners

These are strategists and creative designers who have similar view of things to our own, so our cooperation goes very smoothly.