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Craft Your Own Iconic Brand Assets

Download our exclusive ‘Brand Assets Inspiration Cards’ for FREE!

Marketers and Brand Managers, it’s time to revolutionize your brand identity. Download our exclusive card deck and embark on a journey to create a brand that resonates beyond its logo – all for free.

Why These Cards Are Essential:

  • Diverse Inspiration: Explore 39 different types of brand symbols, including renowned examples from international brands.

  • Memorable Branding: Learn how to make your brand unforgettable to customers in every buying situation, using insights from behavioral science.

  • Expert Collaboration: Developed with renowned brand designer Lumir Kajnar, these cards are a fresh, practical, and straight-to-the-point toolkit for building powerful brand codes.

Guess what! Brand tracking is now more affordable than ever.

Our budget-friendly tool is here to provide even the smallest of brands with brilliant data!

What You'll Gain:

  • Practical advice on working with brand assets, featuring insights and best practices
  • A systematic approach to brand asset creation, making your branding efforts both fun and strategic.

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