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McDonald’s: „Fixing a problematic voice-over“

TV CAMPAIGN –  2 video variants, pretest

Strangely, both positive and negative emotions peaked at the same moment in the video. Why? And what McDonald’s did to boost the performance before airing? 


 fast-food chain in the world


brand in the world (valued at 197 billion USD)

23 billion USD

per year


McDonald’s Cup has long been a cornerstone in the company’s CSR activities and an unforgettable football experience for thousands of kids every year. Since it is an annual event, it requires regular promotion.


McDonald’s team wanted to decide between 2 variants of a 30-second ad with subtle differences in narrative and editing before its roll-out on national television.


While both variants have been performing similarly well, the second-by-second emotion analysis found a moment where both positive emotion peaked for viewers paying attention to ad visuals and negative emotion for viewers noticing “awkward” voiceover.


Within days, McDonald’s creative agency edited some of the scenes to clarify the message and recorded a new voiceover with better wording.


McDonald’s significantly strengthened the overall emotional reaction to the ad with several cost-effective tweaks and maximized campaign impact without having to spend excessive amounts of money.

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